IMPORTANT NOTICE: PSPR&R is moving to Kansas City! Please see contact page before sending pipes.

We're Moving!

1st August, 2011

George is on his way to Kansas City, where he'll be setting up the new shop. It's an exciting move, and he couldn't be happier. For a few days, he'll be out of contact with the world, but watch this space for news. In the meanwhile, please do NOT send any pipes to the Bowman address. They'll probably eventually get where they need to go, but it'll just complicate things for everyone. The new address will be listed as soon as everything is set up in K.C.

Welcome to Precision Pipe Repair

14th March, 2009


Welcome to PSPR&R.

More good news from the Feedback Front.

Greg Pease thought a "PSPR&R: One Year Later" type of update to his blog was in order, and this time summed it up with the "P Word."

No, not precision---though it's a lovely word I'm partial to :-) ---the other, even cooler P word: PERFECT

It is impossible to convey the emotion and sense of accomplishment that having one's work described as "perfect" evokes when the person delivering the verdict is as respected and knowledgeable as Greg.

A true industry authority, he's always been my most demanding critic, offering equal parts encouragement and ruthless scrutiny on a regular basis. So, Greg: Thank you, Sir. It was a pleasure working on your pipes, and know that most of all, I'm delighted that you are delighted.

There's no point in re-telling the story when you can go straight to the source, I suppose, so I'll resist the urge and just point the way. If interested, please click here --> Briar & Leaf Chronicles.

And with that, I think I'll go open a beer, light a pipe, and enjoy the moment to its fullest.