About Precision R&R

My most steadfast hobby and sincerest passion since 1976 has been collecting, smoking, and working on pipes. Why I didn't find a way to work with them professionally 25 years ago is puzzling to me, now. If I had a rewind button, I wouldn't even have to think about it; Precision Smoking Pipe R & R would be having its silver anniversary today instead of just starting out.

Like most people, I always envied those few who somehow knew what they were meant to do from childhood. In my case, that realization grew slowly. By the time it was finished, though, it had become something even stronger than that. In the same way religious figures often describe their being drawn to what they do as a "calling," there is no better word to convey the strength of my need to work with pipes. To me, pipes are simply wondrous, magical objects.

This past Spring, critical mass was achieved.

A modern, dedicated, full-service repair shop was was planned, spec'd, and outfitted with the assistance of friend and living legend repair guru Tim West, implementation followed, and the doors opened for a shakedown cruise at the end of the summer. If you could look through your screen and see my face, you would be blinded by the smile. The shop meets or exceeds my expectations in every detail.

Welcome, Brothers of the Briar, to Precision Smoking Pipe R & R... a place that's not only for pipes, but worthy of them, and where passion and relentless perfectionism rule.

For those who clicked on this page to learn about me, as opposed to the shop, that's easy: My goal is to one day become the best pipe repairman and restorer who ever lived.

All the best, and Great Smoking,

George Dibos
20th October, 2007