Smoking Rejuvenation


Precision's "Smoking Rejuvenation" package was created for the smoker who demands the utmost from his briar pipes. It is a collection of procedures that goes beyond merely making a pipe look good, returning its smoking performance to good-as-new as well.

First, the pipe is prepared by carefully honing the bowl's accumulated carbon to its ideal depth. The shank is then reamed precisely down to---but never into---the wood, and the mortise and mouthpiece thoroughly cleaned of all tars and residue.

To whatever degree required, further steps include the removal of stem oxidation by hand sanding (not edge-blurring buffing!); cleaning carbon and tar deposits from the bowl rim; adjusting the stem/shank fit; minimizing bite marks on the stem; balancing and evening-out the pipe's color (such as if the pipe was stored for a long period on one side); and a final "stain wash" to richen its color overall. This last involves removing all wax and "rinsing" the pipe with many coats of highly diluted, matching stain and immediately buffing it back off. The result is a deeper, richer version of the original finish.

The purification step comes next, and is a proprietary procedure that literally pulls the tars and other unpleasant smoking byproducts from the briar and captures them to be disposed of. Imagine the compounds that foul a pipe over time as iron filings, and Precision's process a magnet. The process takes several days and is extremely effective. It is also completely safe.

The final step is always an expertly applied coat of Carnauba wax, the hardest and most durable natural wax known.

NOTE: To prevent misunderstandings and protect the value of collectables, NO bowl topping, dent removal, or finish stripping is performed unless requested.