Replacement Stem Options

Stem Photo

Standard replacement - For those who prefer their pipe's stem refitted in the traditional, economical way, with a molded bit that is an approximation of the original. To fit these, the shank/stem junction is sanded smooth and level, and the shank re-finished.

Premium replacement - For smokers who want a stem that is equal to the fit and finish of higher-grade pipes. They are more slender through the bite zone, the button is more contoured, the level of polish higher, and overall precision greater than the Standard replacement.

These labor-intensive stems are completely hand carved from a blank that is oversized in every dimension (effectively rod stock). Shape is close to the original, but not necessarily exact.

Custom replacement - For smokers who want a Premium stem that is an unusual shape, is their own design, or which duplicates an original almost exactly.

Sketches and/or photos are often exchanged via email to assure exact execution of the customer's wishes.

Collector Grade replacement - These are carbon-copy replicas, made from original source materials when possible, and include all logos and stamps. The best of these stems are detectable only by researching the provenance of a pipe, and not always then.